about jean marie cidery

A long time ago in a CrossFit gym in San Luis Obispo Branden and Connor met. The two were different in almost every possible way except for their shared love of throwing around heavy weights.

Connor had worked as a wine/cider maker in California and Tasmania for most of his adult life and Branden had been a partner in an accounting firm since graduating college. Despite Connor barely passing elementary math and Branden only drinking after turning 21, their relationship blossomed.

One day, after Branden and Connor finished an exhausting work out, Branden said to Connor, “Dude, you need to start your own cider company.” The very next day the two were talking about how they could combine skills and get the company started. It took months of preparation, mainly because the accountant had to make sure it was even worthwhile, but on January 1, 2015 Jean Marie cider company was born.

The name Jean Marie took quite a while to conceive and it was one of the hardest decisions Branden and Connor had ever had to make. Connor’s cousin Courtney, who is a wizard when it comes to speaking your mind and making decisions, facilitated a plan for coming up with a company name. Branden and Connor were tasked with each writing down 25 names that had a good story behind them and meant something to each of them. Neither could see the others’ names until they met together with Courtney. They went through name by name and Courtney would ask “What do you like about this one and why?”. Eventually the list was whittled down and Jean Marie was chosen.

Jean Marie is a combination of Branden’s mom's middle name “Jean” and Connor’s mom's middle name “Marie.” Both moms have been the boys’ biggest supporters throughout their lives. Although tough on them at times, they have made them the hardworking, go-getting, and charismatic gents they are today. Of course, the boys love their dads very much too, but they both openly admitted they are Mama’s Boys, so naturally the company was destined as a mama’s namesake!

Mama’s Boy is the flagship Jean Marie cider and is a beautiful blend of dessert apples that is can/keg conditioned with local honey. It's a very dry cider with hints of honey comb, spice and even a slight bit of bee terroir.

 Jean Marie started in 2015 but began selling in 2016. Since that time they have tripled production every year and are currently selling from Paso Robles to Santa Barbara, CA. Both Branden and Connor still work full time jobs outside of JMC, but when they’re not at their 9-to-5s, they are at the winery into the late hours of the night working hard to keep the cider flowing.

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